This research focuses on the correspondence of Martial Arts to the natural environment and related ecosystems.  A comparative analysis offers unique context through which to view both the evolution of Martial Arts and natural adaptations of the broader ecosystems that house them.  If you are unfamiliar with the topic of the websites menus have been organized from left to right and top to bottom to have the information flow in an understandable manner.

Image 1 Shows a volcanic eruption on Reunion Island. This image also demonstrates the interaction of all of the fundamental elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void).

The Martial Arts aspect of this work is limited to historical and current styles and does not address military techniques.  While military groups display certain facets of Martial Arts for hand-to-hand engagements, military objectives introduce an overly narrow view of Martial Arts.    The origins of most Martial Arts are deeply rooted in connections to the natural environment and its adaptations. In many ways, the ongoing development of Martial Arts styles and practices closely parallels the adaptive cycles of broader environmental ecosystems.

While certain martial arts are specifically highlighted, threads common to many martial arts styles and techniques are emphasized.  Key goals of this website include the dynamic collection and presentation of additional research and the  sharing of thoughts and ideas by participating members of communities of interest.

At this stage of development feedback would be greatly appreciated by leaving a comment below.

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